The Land of Canaan


I am the eighth daughter of ten. My parents, Bub and Lucky, raised "corn, beans and girls" on their farm on the flat prairie of the midwest. My sisters and I were surrounded by the good things that come from living close to the soil. We believed our little corner of Canaan Township in Henry County, Iowa was the center of the world. We were taught to have pride in our place and to invest in our community. It's where my dad was born and lived out his life, and where my 96-year old mom continues to tend her garden. Canaan Township gave us space to grow, so it's fitting that my husband and I christened our own farm CANAAN as a tribute to my roots and a hope of goodness to come.

My family and I live on a wooded acreage in Iowa. We are surrounded by wildlife and trees. Birds wake us up in the morning and cicadas lull us to sleep on summer nights. We enjoy being home.

Rural living is not analogous to simple living, but it's the simple qualities that make it rich. One can discover that the ordinary is profound and the simple is quite complex.  While the world spins, we try to take a slower pace. We appreciate the awesome beauty of each day's changing sky. We experience the joys and challenges brought by changing seasons. All of our senses are engaged by living on this place.   

I love design and textiles. I create my own designs based on ideas and sayings inspired from having grown up on a farm with a large family. I use a vintage press to apply heat transfers to shirts and accessories primarily for women and children. Most of the designs are agriculturally related, and many are specifically Iowan, but all are ones that I want to wear and share with you. You can dress them up or down, just add a denim jacket or work gloves!

Credit for the children's hand-drawn designs goes to my niece, Elinor Krieger Coble, a fantastic artist and teacher. Elinor has a special way of sharing her love of art with others. I am so happy that the little people you adore can now wear her drawings! To see more of her artwork, visit Elinor's website.

I hope that you will discover beauty and simplicity in the products and stories you'll find here. Welcome to Canaan.

Thanks for visiting!     --Kathryn